Amagi (天城)

Situated in the east of the Izu Peninsula is a group of volcanoes that make up Mount Amagi. The highest mountain in the peninsula, Mt. Amagi stands at an impressive 1406m and its many trails give hikers choices on how to approach this mountain range.

This mountain range straddles Kawazu Town, Izu City, Higashiizu Town and Nishiizu Town. There are different types of landscapes – flat, treeless, scrubby and dry Mt. Daruma, in contrast to tall thin-trunked and majestic pine trees and lush vegetation, wasabi fields nestled behind barbed wire in muddy fields filled with running water and majestic waterfalls.

Given enough time, it is possible to hike across Ito City in the east, across the Naka Izu Area or Central Izu Area, and end up in the Nishi Izu Area or West Izu Area. This trail would start from the Amagi Touzan Iriguchi Trailhead in the east and end up at Mt. Sanagi-yama in the west, with Heda Port as the final destination. As this hike only covers day hikes, I have sectioned the trail into separate hikes.






Lots of water


A walk in the forest


Amagi Tunnel

There are many ways to approach the Amagi mountain range. There are options for short and long hikes.

Trail Option 1: Odoriko Hiking Course and Old Amagi Tunnel, plus Joren Waterfall and Kawazu Nanadaru Seven Waterfalls

Trail Option 2: Mt. Amagi Hiking Course

Trail Option 3: Amagi Pass to Funabara Pass

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