Mt. Joyama (城山) to Mt. Katsuragiyama (葛木山) to Mt. Hottanjoyama (発端丈山) Part 3


Mt. Katsuragiyama is a good spot for looking at sakura and momiji


Take the path leading down onto the trail going to Mt. Hottanjoyama

From Mt. Katsuragiyama, take this trail toward Mt. Hottanjoyama. It’ll take around 90 minutes. En route to Mt. Hottanjoyama, allocate an hour for a detour to the Masuyamadera Temple. This mountain shrine is really pretty and has two old trees on its premises. The best time to visit this shrine is in autumn when the trees are crowned with red and gold leaves.




Take a detour to Masuyama Temple



View of Masuyama Temple flanked by a very old gingko tree on the right and a very old maple tree on the left


A tree needs some support too



Back on the trail, it takes 40 minutes to get to the top of Mt. Hottanjoyama and a really lovely view of Mt. Fuji. Enjoy a short break and the view before heading down the mountain toward Mito and the bus stop for the bus back to Numazu Station. It takes an hour and twenty minutes to get to the foot of the hill, but it’s best to allow for more time to stop for photos of the bay.


Mt. Hottanjoyama


View from Mt. Hottanjoyama


View of the Uchiura Bay and Mt. Fuji


Turn left to get to the Nakahama Trailhead


The overgrown Mito Chuo trailhead


Mt. Hottanjoyama hiking course

The coastal town is also really pretty, as is the bus ride along the coastal road. There are two buses to Numazu every hour. Even though, this is a sleepy little town, there is a large convenience store near the bus stop and a fish market for the freshest catch. The bus ride to Numazu station takes 40 minutes.




Mt. Joyama to Mt. Katsuragiyama to Mt. Hottanjoyama Part 1

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