Mt. Kinkan (金冠山) to Mt. Daruma (達磨山)

Trail Option 1: Mt. Kinkan to Mt. Darumayama to Funabara Pass

Total Distance: 8 km

Total Walking Time: 4 to 4.5 hours

 You’d at the trailhead to Heda Pass once you alight from the bus. Opt for a return trip to Mt. Kinkan for a quick look at Mt. Fuji. At Mt. Kinkan, decide if you’d like to head toward Mt. Sanagi or head back to Heda Pass and make your way to Mt. Kodaruma.


View from the top of Mt. Kinkan



Head back the way you came from and it’s a 45-minute hike to Mt. Daruma. You’d pass through Mt. Kodaruma. As you approach Mt. Daruma, you’d understand why it’s be named as such. “Daruma” is a traditional Japanese doll that is round and hollow. It is also referred to as a “Goal doll” because when you set yourself a goal, for example, passing an exam, getting a job, etc, you’d paint one of the eyes of your daruma. You’d paint the other eye, after you’ve achieved your goal. It’s a useful reminder to yourself to keep working at your goal. Mt. Daruma looks like a giant mound rising from the ground. Take the long flight of steps to get to the top. It takes around 20-25 minutes, depending on your speed.


It’s your goal to reach the top of Mt. Daruma


Cyclists training their glutes


View from the top of Mt. Daruma

Follow the trail from Mt. Daruma to Mt. Koki and onward to Mt. Garan. You’d walk through fields of cattails or bulrushes, under a blue sky (if it’s a cloudless day), with the view of the bay glittering in the sun. This area is popular with local and out-of-town tourists driving to the various viewpoints to look at the setting sun over the sea. You’d spot car plates from as far away as Osaka and Kyushu. You’d often see convoys of bikers cruising along the coastline. The trail leads you to the Omagari-chaya bus stop for the bus back to Shuzenji station. Note that the trail from the trailhead to the bus stop is around 3km.

IMG_8431 IMG_8434



Where does the sea end and the sky begin?

Heda Pass -> Mt. Kinkan 816m -> Heda Pass -> Mt. Kodaruma 890m -> Mt. Daruma 982m (70 minutes) -> Mt. Kokiyama 920m -> Mt. Garanzan 860m -> Funabara Pass (120 minutes) -> Omagari-chaya bus stop (30 minutes)


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