Numazu Alps (沼津アルプス) Part 2

Finding the trailhead: At the Tabi bus stop, you’d be greeted by the tranquil coastal view of the bay. There are fishermen reeling in a morning catch. The trail literally starts from the bay. There is a small shrine with a good view of the bay. The trailhead starts to the right of the shrine, with your back to the bay.


Bay view at Tabi


Tabi Shrine


Follow the tsunami evacuation signs up the slope. The road would take you through the sleepy town with houses and backyards with small fields of daikon radishes, cabbages and orange trees growing, even in winter. You’d see this sign pointing toward a dirt trail and that is the start of the Numazu Alps hiking course.




Honour system – choose a bag of mikan, drop 100yen into the coin box


Hitting the Trail: On the Tabi Pass, turn right to hike up the first peak, which is Mt. Ohira. It is a relatively easy trail that is a little rocky in parts. There is a good view of Mt. Fuji mid-way up the trail. After an invigorating 50-minute warm-up, it’s a good chance to take a quick breather at the top of Mt. Ohira. Backtrack to return to the Tabi Pass to head to the next mountain, Mt. Washizu.


Start of the trail to Mt. Ohira and Mt. Washizu


Mt. Ohira, 356m



View from Mt. Ohira

From Mt. Ohira, it’s a 35-minute brisk hike to Mt. Washizu. The trail gets a little bit more challenging as it requires you to clamber over rocks and jutting tree roots. <trail>


Uprooted tree, tipping over the precipice


Steps carved into the boulder


Mt. Ohira, as seen from Mt. Washizu


Mt. Washizu, 392m

From Mt. Washizu, it’s a 15-minute hike to Mt. Kowashizu.


Mt. Kowashizu, 330m


Going down, those ropes are there to help you along


Pause to look at the view


Cross that bridge when you get there


Mountain shrine under an overhanging boulder


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