Numazu Alps (沼津アルプス) Part 1

Total Distance: 13 km

Total Walking Time: 6 to 7 hours


Numazu Alps, as seen from Mt. Kanuki

The course is easy to moderate and accessible year-round. This trail is well-trodden with hikers, and it’s mostly well-maintained and very clearly marked with signs. There is no chance of getting lost at all. A walking stick could be helpful but not essential. Bring a hat, gloves, flashlight, food and water, mosquito repellent in summer. A shirt for a spring or autumn hike, your lightest and most effective sweat-wicking clothing and a sweat towel in summer (it gets very hot and humid), and a light jacket or windbreaker in winter.

Summary: The Numazu Alps is located in Numazu city, to the south of Mt. Fuji. It is a series of 7 low peaks, which are not difficult to hike through but challenging enough for a day’s hike. You could panoramic views of Fuji, Suruga Bay and Numazu City. I started the trail from Tabi (south) to (north) because I wanted to clear Mt. Ohira and Mt. Washizu, which are the two highest peaks in the morning, first before taking it easy along the rest of the hike. Another advantage is that the sun was mostly behind me when I was hiking, so I didn’t have to squint the whole way. You could of course decide to attempt the hike from Mt. Kanuki to Mt. Ohira, and return to Numazu by bus from Tabi.

Tabi Trailhead -> Tabi Pass (30 minutes) -> Mt. Ohira (356m) (20 minutes) -> Tabi Pass -> Mt. Washizu (392m) (50 minutes) -> Mt. Kowashizu (330m) (15 minutes) -> Shige Pass -> Mt. Shige (214m) (25 minutes) -> Mt. Tokura (256m) (30 minutes) -> Yokoyama Pass -> Mt. Yoko (183m) (60 minutes) -> Yaesaka Pass -> Mt. Kanuki (193m) (60 minutes) -> Kurose Trailhead -> Numazu Station (25 minutes)

Note: There are many trails leading to the main hiking trail. You could leave the trail if you are tired or have had enough. It’s also best to leave the trail when the sun is setting. Take the bus at the foot of the mountain trail to head back to Numazu Station. Most buses run till 7pm or even later.

Wild animals: This trail is popular with wild boars. There are many reports of wild boar sightings in this area. If you spot one, do not get close to it. They are short-tempered creatures and may charge at you, so stay away from it. The mosquitoes are vicious bloodsuckers, that’ll eat you alive if given a chance.

Useful Japanese:

Numazu station Numazu-eki 沼津駅
Bus stop Basu Noriba バス乗り場
Numazu Alps Numazu Arupusu 沼津アルプス
Tabi Pass Tabi Touge 多比
Mt. Ohira Ohira-yama 大平山
Mt. Washizu Washizu-yama 鷲頭山
Mt. Kowashizu Kowashizu-yama 小鷲頭山
Shige Pass Shige Touge 志下峠
Mt. Shige Shige-yama 志下山
Mt. Tokura Tokura-yama 徳倉山
Yokoyama Pass Yokoyama Touge 横山峠
Mt. Yoko Yoko-yama 横山
Yaesaka Pass Yaesaka Touge 八重坂峠
Mt. Kanuki Kanuki-yama 香貫山
Kurose Trailhead Kurose Iriguchi 黒瀬

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