Mt. Ashitaka (愛鷹山)

Mt. Ashitaka can be accessed from Fuji City, Gotemba and Numazu. Situated south-east to Mt. Fuji, the series of nine or so peaks that can be termed as “Mt. Ashitara”. These are some of the highest viewpoints where you can look at Mt. Fuji in eastern Shizuoka. The highest peak isn’t Mt. Ashitaka at 1188m toward the south away from Mt. Fuji, but Mt. Echizendake at 1507m, closer to Mt. Fuji.

As I do not own a car in Japan, I have only attempted this hike from two points – to Mt. Echizen-dake from Gotemba Station and to Mt. Ashitaka from Katahama Station. The trail to Mt. Ashitaka isn’t difficult, but you’d be clambering over rocks at some parts. The hike to Mt. Echizen-dake is more challenging and the level of difficulty and length of the hike could be adjusted to fit your stamina and schedule. You could plan this to be a half-day or full-day hike. Pack enough food and water for the hike.


Mt. Echizen-dake Trail Option 1

Mt. Echizen-dake Trail Option 2

Katahama Station to Mt. Ashitaka



Katahama station Katahama-eki 片浜駅
Yanagisawa trailhead Yanagisawa touzan-guchi 柳沢登山口
Akeno Goddesses of Mercy Shrine Akenokannon-dou 赤野観音堂
Ashitaka 600 Gold Course Ashitaka 600 gorufu-jo 愛鷹600ゴルフ場
Ashitaka forest trail Ashitaka rin-dou 愛鷹林道
Hiranuma junction Hiranuma hou-men bunkiten 平沼方面との分岐点
Mt. Ashitaka Ashitaka-yama 愛鷹山
Babahira clearing Babahira 馬場平
Mt. Hakamagoshi-dake Hakamagoshi-dake 袴腰岳
Ichipuku pass Ichipuku-touge 一ぷく峠
Mt. Ihai Ihai-dake 位牌岳
Mt. Nokogiri-dake Nokogiri-dake 鋸岳
Mt. Hourai Hourai-san 蓬莱山
Mt. Mae-dake Mae-dake 前岳
Field of the Tengu Tengu no hata 24 天狗の畑
Wari Ishi pass (Split stone pass) Wari Ishi-touge 割石峠
Mt. Yobiko (Mt. Whistle) Yobiko-dake 呼子岳
Mt. Echizen-dake Echizen-dake 越前岳
Mt. Kuro-dake Kuro-dake 黒岳
Sasa pass (Bamboo grass pass) Sasa-touge 笹峠
Radio tower Denbo-tou 電波塔
Jyurigi (Ten Village Woods) Jyurigi 十里木

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