Mt. Mikuni (三国山) to Myojin Pass(明神峠) to Mt. Yubune(湯船山)

Myojin Pass

If you decide to press on from Mt. Mikuni, continue onto Myojin Pass(明神峠). At this point, you will start to descend along the trail and eventually you will reach a clearing and see a road. To get onto Myojin Pass, cross the road and head East toward the mountain. There is a bus stop and a portaloo. This is the ONLY toilet along the entire trail. So, go! The bus service is operated infrequently and only available when climbing season for Mt. Fuji commences. For the bus schedule, click here.



Keep to your left, and you will see a flight of steps leading upwards. This is the starting point of Myojin Pass. There is a pleasant seat with a lovely view of the farmland of Oyama town at the foot of the mountain, which is a perfect lunch spot. The steps get a little steeper as you climb up. There is a bench with a sign proclaiming it as “Gongu’s seat”. I haven’t figured out who Gongu is, but he is deemed important enough to have a bench named after him. The sign welcomes you to take a rest on the bench before going on your merry way.



You are at the half-way point of the hiking itinerary. Do note that the next part of the trail isn’t as popular with hikers as the Mt. Mikuni hiking course, so the trail isn’t as well maintained. You will be walking through shaded forested areas with few or no signage at all. There are markers (these are usually in the form of bright pink ribbons) or small handwritten signs (usually in Japanese kanji) to help you find your way.


Why continue then, you ask? It’s because you will see a really fantastic view of Fuji at sunset, if it isn’t a rainy or cloudy day. Besides, it probably isn’t the wisest thing to be attempting these trails on a rainy day. They become slippery and landslides are pretty common. Plus, if you are the sort of person who enjoys your own company and a solitary amble through the forest, this is the trail for you. You won’t meet another soul. Okay, maybe you might meet one or two other hikers, but that’s it. No marauding crowds rampaging through the countryside.




Mt. Yubune (Yubuneyama) 1041m



IMG_8849 IMG_8846

Mt. Mikuni -> Myojin Pass (45 minutes) -> Mt. Yubune (35 minutes)


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