Fuji Cemetery(富士霊園)

The best time to visit this cemetery is in spring to look at sakura and in summer to look at Azalea. A cemetery isn’t the first place one thinks of when one is going for ohanami or flower viewing. A little known fact is that cemeteries are one of the best places to look at cherry blossoms. Fuji cemetery is one of the 100 most famous cherry blossom-viewing spots in Japan. The cemetery is accessible by a public bus service from the bus terminal at Gotemba station. At Gotemba station, take the Fuji exit, walk down the stairs to your left and you will see the small bus terminal. At the ticketing counter, ask for a ticket to Fuji Cemetery. Stand in line at the number 5 bus bay for the bus heading to Fuji Cemetery. It takes 30 minutes and costs 630yen to go to the cemetery. Links for the bus schedule and the return bus schedule.

Families and tourists descend on the cemetery by the busloads, not only on the weekends but also weekdays, to enjoy short time the sakura blooms. Mats are spread out on every available inch of turf and everyone has a jolly good time picnicking under the trees. It is truly an odd sight to see in a cemetery. Standing in a cemetery with sakura petals showering on one is an unforgettable experience. Not to be missed.

Fuji cemetery in spring:





Fuji cemetery in summer:








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