Around Ashigara Station (足柄駅)

The train services to and from Ashigara are pretty infrequent. Make sure you allow for enough time to arrive at the station, or you may have to wait an hour for the next train to arrive. One option is to sit at the station and wait or wander to the temple near the station. Houkyouji (宝鏡寺) has been nicknamed Little Kyoto. This shrine looks the prettiest in autumn. During that season, there is a special light up for visitors to enjoy the leaves at night.


Little Kyoto



If you have time, do check out Ashigarafureai Park (足柄ふれあい公園), which is a five-minute walk from the station. Oyama Town itself is a pretty pleasant area to explore.

Scarecrow and daikon patch

Scarecrow and daikon patch


Rice fields


If you wished to dip in a hotspring or an onsen after a long day of hiking, Ashigara onsen across from Oyama High School also boats a fantastic view of Mt. Fuji. From Ashigara station, walk past the convenience store, cross the river and turn left immediately after you see the small shrine by the roadside. Follow the path uphill for about 20 minutes (1.2km). You will see the onsen on your right.

View of Mt. Fuji from Ashigara Onsen

View of Mt. Fuji from Ashigara Onsen


Ayuzawa River in Oyama Town

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