Ashigara Touge (足柄峠) to Chikai no Oka (誓いの丘)

Ashigara Touge (足柄峠) to Chikai no Oka (誓いの丘)

Instead of heading back to the old Ashigara Trail, follow the winding road toward Suruga Oyama Station. You will be able to see some breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji along this way. A thirty-minute walk will take you to Chikai no Oka or the Hill of Vows. This is a famous place for lovers to place a lock on a heart-shaped metal sculpture to declare their love for each other. Throwing away the key is optional, if you have doubts about your love and wish to retract your vow at a later time. Ring the bell after you’ve placed a lock on the metal heart. The view of Mt. Fuji here is pretty spectacular.







There is also the possibility of extending the hike to see a waterfall (夕日の滝) that is thought to be a bathing pool of fairies.


The walk to Suruga-Oyama station from Chikai no Oka takes around 50 minutes.


Ashigara Pass -> Chikai no Oka (30 minutes) 2.5km -> Suruga-Oyama station (50 minutes) 4.6km


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